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About ELSO Workshops

ELSO offers workshops on a range of topics related to writing and speaking available to all international graduate and professional students. These workshops are held on Fridays from 1:00-2:30 in Space Sciences Building 105. Participation is limited to 30 students to ensure interaction. 

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Sept 1: Networking at the Career Fair

Led by Nathan Lindberg

The largest career fairs of the year take place early in the semester -- September 6 and 7 this year. In addtional, the Society for Women Engineers is offering a Professional Networking Dinner on September 5. These events are important for meeting potential employers, learning more about possible employment opportunities, and practicing networking skills, which are so important for the job search. During this workshop, we will help you prepare for social aspects of the career fairs. To register, click here. For access to this workshop's files and slides click here.

Sept 8: Finding the Writing, Speaking, and Research Support You Need

Led by Michelle Cox

The most successful students are those that take the most advantage of available support. At this workshop, learn about the many ways that Cornell can support you as a writer, speaker, and researcher. Be sure to bring a laptop computer or another device to take part in workshop activities. To register, click here

September 22: Communicating Clearly with Your Advisor

Led by Melissa Myers

Clear communication with your advisor is necessary for successful interactions. This communication relies on cultural knowledge of the US education system, strategies for writing effective email, knowing how to request feedback to your work, and knowing how to interpret this feedback. During this workshop, we will introduce strategies for clear communication, discuss the graduate student-advisor dynamic, and help you strategize to have a productive and professional relationship with your advisor. To register, click here

October 13: Writing Cover Letters and Resumes

Led by Nathan Lindberg

Writing effective cover letters and resumes relies on a close reading of the job ad, an understanding of the cultural and linguistic moves seen as effective in these documents, and having a clear message. In this workshop, we will introduce you to a process for writing clear and effective job application materials that are tailored for particular job ads. We will also share resources from Cornell that may help you in the job application process. To register, click here

October 27: Using Your Voice Effectively for Presentations

Led by Melissa Myers

You may have important information to share with an audience and effective visual aids, but if you can't effectively communicate while speaking to the audience, your message may not come through. During this workshop, you will be introduced to strategies for speaking clearly during a presentation by using stress, intonation, and pacing strategies. To register, click here

November 10: The Journal Article Publication Process

Led by Michelle Cox

How can you figure out which journal to send a piece to? How can you learn about the publication guidelines of a journal? What should a manuscript look like? Who will review your article? How can you effectively respond to reviewers' comments? How long does the whole process take? During this workshop, we will walk through the journal article review process by looking at documents from the workshop leader's own publications, while also discussing how this process differs across fields. To register, click here

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