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About ELSO Workshops

ELSO offers workshops on a range of topics related to writing and speaking available to all international graduate and professional students. These workshops are typically held twice a month on Friday afternoons from 1:30-3:00 in Caldwell 250. Participation is limited to 40 students. 

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February 2: Preparing for the Career Fair

Led by Nathan Lindberg

The Spring Technical & Entrepreneurial Career Fair will take place on February 7, 2018. This event is important for meeting potential employers, learning more about possible employment opportunities, and practicing networking skills, which are very important for the job search. During this workshop, we will help you have a better understanding about the cultural expectations of the fair and how to prepare for it. To register, click here.  To view the presentation slides click here

February 23: Note-taking, Paraphrasing, and Using Turn It In while Writing

Led by Michelle Cox

Academic writing typically includes writing about other people’s work—the studies and information sources that form the foundation of our inquiry. The amount of material we need to read while writing can lead to disorganized notes and unintentional plagiarism. During this workshop, effective and efficient methods for taking notes and paraphrasing will be introduced, as well as an approach for using Turn It In (plagiarism detection software offered through Cornell) to check one’s own work. To register, click here.

March 9: Cultural Approaches to Interviews

Led by Nathan Lindberg

Job interviews can be intimidating and confusing. What questions will you be asked, and how should you respond? Even more important, why are you asked certain questions and what is the overall purpose of the interview? At this workshop, we will investigate common questions and the motives for asking them. Then we will discuss and practice answers you might give. One goal is to practice for the interview, but another goal is to understand the cultural context of interviews, so you can prepare for any type of situation you face. To register, click here.

March 23: Listen, Think, Speak – Quickly!

Led by Melissa Myers

Graduate students often need to compose responses quickly during oral interactions -- requiring them to quickly interpret what they've heard, think through the information, and make some kind of statement. The speed of these interactions can be intimidating for multilingual students. During this workshop, students will learn approaches for engaging in spontaneous oral interactions and have opportunities to practice in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Come ready to talk! To register, click here.

April 13: Using Online Resources to Support Your Writing

Led by Michelle Cox

Online writing resources abound, but which have proven more useful to international graduate students? During this workshop, we will introduce you to the resources most useful for answering grammar and citation questions, making decisions about word choice, and finding phrases used to make specific moves in academic writing. Be sure to bring a laptop computer -- we'll also practice using some of these resources during the workshop. To register, click here.

April 27: Using Online Resources to Support Pronunciation

Led by Melissa Myers

While online writing resources abound, effective (and free) online pronunciation resources can be hard to find. Workshop leader Melissa Myers has been dedicated to searching out these resources while designing our Improving Pronunciation course and building our pronunciation tutoring program. During this workshop, you'll learn about resources that assist in independent pronunciation practice. Be sure to bring a laptop computer, as this workshop will be interactive. To register, click here.

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