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John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines
101 McGraw Hall • Cornell University • Ithaca, NY 14853 • 607-255-2280

AP Credit, Transfers, and Substitutions

Advanced credit:

All students who score 5 on the Princeton Advanced Placement Examination in English receive 3 credits. Such credits are awarded automatically; no application to the John S. Knight Institute or the Department of English is necessary. How these credits may be applied to first-year writing or other distribution requirements depends on the student’s college and score. All students who score 5, except Architecture majors, may apply their 3 credits toward the writing requirements of their college. Of students who score 4, only Agriculture and Life Sciences students may apply their 3 credits toward the writing requirements of their college. Students should always consult their college registrars to be certain that they understand their writing requirements.

Transfer credit:

To have a course taken at another institution considered for possible acceptance as equivalent to a First-Year Writing Seminar, students must provide evidence that the course was offered on a college campus as part of its normal curriculum and that the work done was comparable to that in a First-Year Writing Seminar (see the guidelines--it is not sufficient to write, say, one 30-page term paper). Courses not taken in the academic year must be at least six weeks long. Students must earn a B+ or better in the course. To request writing credit for courses taken elsewhere, students must submit, to 101 McGraw Hall, an "Application for Transfer Evaluation." Because course descriptions can be misleading and courses may change, the Institute cannot certify a course as equivalent before the student completes it.

Course substitution:

In unusual situations, juniors and seniors may petition the Knight Institute to have courses taken at Cornell other than First-Year Writing Seminars fulfill the various freshman writing requirements in effect at the University. The Institute advises students about these courses on request. To request writing credit for such courses, students must file, in 101 McGraw Hall, the "Petition for Course Substitution." Petitions must be filed before such courses are actually taken. Requests for course substitution credit will NOT be approved after a course has been taken. Additionally, courses offered in the three-week sessions (January/June) may not be used for Course Substitution.