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M.Eng. Summer English Immersion Program

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About the M.Eng. Summer English Immersion Program

Each summer, the English Language Support Office (ELSO) collaborates with the Master of Engineering programs to offer a four-week intensive English program designed for incoming international multilingual M.Eng. students. 

M.Eng. programs are fast-paced and require students to very quickly engage with speaking-intensive courses, networking, and other social situations. For those seeking a job or internship in the US, the search process starts early in the semester, and requires high fluency in English. This English immersion program will allow you to start the fall semester strong, ready for fall courses and the job search. 

This program creates an intensive English environment, teaches students strategies for improving pronunciation, presentation, and discussion skills, and assists students in transitioning to life at Cornell and in the US. By the end of this program, students are:

  • confident and fluent as English speakers
  • knowledgable about Cornell services and programs
  • acclimated to US culture and academic life at Cornell
  • able to navigate Cornell’s campus and the Ithaca area
  • ready to start their degree programs
  • prepared to search for a job or internship

This program typically takes place from the third week of July to the second week of August, finishing a week before fall semester classes start. If you choose to participate, you will be issued an I-20 with a summer start date so that you can apply for your visa and arrive early. Registration for summer 2018 is estimated to be $3950. (Students will also need to pay for room & board and student health insurance.) Applications are typically accepted in March and April. Questions may be directed to Michelle Cox, Director of the English Language Support Office.

What This Program Includes

This program is designed to focus on the oral communication skills and aspects of US culture that professional masters students need for success in academic and professional settings. This program includes: 

  • interactive and engaging courses on English pronunciation, presentation skills, discussion, and US academic culture taught by experienced and credentialed professionals in teaching ESL
  • social events including tours of campus and Ithaca, local music, shopping areas, restaurants, and parks
  • familiarization with the city bus system, grocery stores, and other places of importance to daily life
  • ongoing private tutoring to strengthen pronunciation skills and improve your confidence in communicating in English
  • presentations on campus resources specific to the international M.Eng. student experience
  • job search preparation, including coaching on writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and networking 


What Students Say about This Program

Testimony from 2017 M.Eng. Summer English Immersion Program Students: 

"I really learned a lot of strategies in this program. And I become more familiar in the academic culture, discussion and presentation. I really like the tutoring part. And I think I am ready to continue my study in Cornell."

"This program enhances my English skills both in academics such as presentation and writing resume and outside the classrooms via activities. I have more confident to speak English with other people. I like this program and wish it lasted longer than 4 weeks!"

"Because of this program, I am confident to speak English now. And I feel I have overcome the culture shock! And I feel I am familiar with different facilities at Cornell."

"I benefited from every aspect of this program and most importantly I feel ready for the fall semester."

"This program made me familiar with life in United States and gave me time to adapt to life here. And the resources I learned from this program are really helpful. I also had more time to adapt an English environment."

"This program gave me a really good chance to make good friends. And I was able to get familiar with American academic culture before the fall semester starts."

"This program helped me improve my English skills, and gave me knowledge about campus services, Ithaca and finding a job."

"This program made me more confident in speaking English in public."

"This program allowed me to make friends with many classmates, improve my pronunciation skills, and become used to life in Ithaca."



How to Register

To register for this program, click here. Registrations are accepted until April 16, 2018. The registration fee is due by April 23, 2018. We encourage students to apply and pay the registration fee as soon as possible, so that visas are processed and issued in time for the start of the program. Refunds are available for students who do not receive their visas in time. 

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