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John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines
101 McGraw Hall • Cornell University • Ithaca, NY 14853 • 607-255-2280

Reference: Books & Guides

Publications written by Knight Institute Staff :

Writing and Revising the Disciplines ed. by Jonathan Monroe

Local Knowledges, Local Practices by Jonathan Monroe

The Elements of Teaching Writing by Katherine Gottschalk and Keith Hjortshoj

Understanding Writing Blocks by Keith Hjortshoj

The Transition to College Writing by Keith Hjortshoj

Teaching Prose by Fredric V. Bogel and Katherine Gottschalk

Guides Available on-line and in print:

Indispensable Reference for Teachers of First-Year Writing Seminars

by Katherine Gottschalk

Facilitating Discussion: A Brief Guide by Katherine Gottschalk

Writing Walk-In Service Handbook
by Mary Gilliland