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Writing 7100: Teaching Writing

Course Description:

Writing 7100 prepares new instructors of Cornell’s First-Year Writing Seminars to teach courses that both introduce students to particular fields of study and help them develop the sophisticated writing skills they will need throughout their undergraduate careers.  Seminar discussions and readings on pedagogical theories and practices provide an overview of the teaching of writing within a disciplinary context.  Participants develop written assignments designed to be used in their own First-Year Writing Seminars.

Writing 7100 Resources:

Course Syllabi for Summer 2013 and Fall 2013 are available for download.

The eCommons Digital Repository contains an archive of Assignments and Classroom exercises used in First Year Seminars and other Writing classes at Cornell. Many of these assignments have won either the James Slevin Assignment Sequence Prize or the Knight Award for Writing Exercises and Handouts. This eCommons resource is available to Cornell instructors only.

The following web page, created by the library instruction and outreach group, provides links to web resources, services, and request forms:

WRIT 7100: Library Resources and Services for FWS Instructors

The articles below are also either required or recommended for participants in Writing 7100; they may be of interest to other readers. In addition to articles available in full text through this site, we have provided links to articles available through other online resources.