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John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines
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Writing 1370/1380/1340

Writing 1370 (Fall) 1380 (Spring) 1340 (Summer)

These writing seminars are designed for students who need more focused instruction in writing in order to meet the expectation of academic assignments. The seminars emphasize the analytic and argumentative writing and critical reading essential for university-level work. The Workshop enrolls no more than 12 students per seminar (6 in the summer) and schedules a weekly conference between student and instructor. In this way Workshop instructors tailor their seminars to focus on those aspects of the writing process that their students need to work on. The Workshop seminars are graded S/U.

Writing 1370 and Writing 1380 are most appropriate for those students who have struggled with writing assignments through much of their academic careers. The seminar is suitable for students with weaker backgrounds in writing or who have taken no previous writing classes that emphasized analytic and argumentative writing. This seminar is also appropriate for students whose writing is marked with significant problems in usage, syntax, and diction or for students whose writing is marked by critical second-language interference.

Enrollment in Writing 1370/1380

Most students enroll in Writing 1370 after taking part in a Writing Consultation during the fall orientation program. Others are referred specifically to the Workshop by their writing seminar instructors who, after reviewing initial course assignments, feel that their seminars cannot provide these students with the focused instruction in writing that the students need and deserve. Some students enroll on their own because they sense that their struggles with language and composition will hamper them in other writing seminars.

Each year, the Workshop enrolls about 120 students in Writing 1370 in the fall semester. In the spring, most of those students take other writing seminars, while a few are encouraged to take Writing 1380. Students who had considerable difficulty in their fall seminars can enroll in Writing 1380 as their spring writing seminar.

Any students with questions about their writing and wondering if Writing 1370/1380 might be appropriate for them should contact Tracy Hamler Carrick, the director of the Writing Workshop (