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John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines
101 McGraw Hall • Cornell University • Ithaca, NY 14853 • 607-255-2280

Writing 1390

WRITING 1390: Tutorials in Writing I

This course is designed for undergraduates who have completed their writing requirements but who are still having difficulty with the writing expected of them in their course work. Such students may be unsure how to develop longer essays in their major fields of study, may be struggling to overcome writer's block, may have incompletes to make up, or may have long-term projects that are proving difficult to organize. This course matches a student with an experienced writing instructor for a semester-long series of tutorials to work on the student's writing. Because the course is designed specifically to help students who are working on specific concerns with their writing, the students must have major writing projects that will serve as the organizing themes of the course. Writing 1390 cannot be used to fulfill any University requirement and is graded S/U.

Enrollment requires the instructor's approval. Students who want to know more about this course should contact Tracy Hamler Carrick (