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Summer Thesis and Dissertation Writer's Blocks

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About the Summer Thesis and Dissertation Writer's Blocks

During the summer, ELSO provides thesis and dissertation writing support for international students in the form of Writer's Blocks: three-hour blocks of time to focus on their writing.

Most of this time will is used for quiet writing in Caldwell Hall 250. Students also have the option of meeting with the program director Dr. Michelle Cox for short consultations, using resources from the ELSO suite (Caldwell Hall 260), and arranging peer review with other Writer's Block participants. The sessions begin and end with short small group meetings, during which students will discuss writing goals, accomplishments, and challenges. Coffee and tea are available. Please plan to bring your own writing snacks. 

Registration per Block will be limited to 20 students. 


Why participate in a Summer Thesis and Dissertation Writer's Block?

  • Summer is a time when many students are working on their theses and dissertations, but little support is available. This program is your opportunity to find this support.
  • To get substantial writing done, long blocks of uninterrupted time are essential, but these blocks of time are hard to come by. Registering for a Writer's Block will help you plan for this time in your schedule and write in a space away from the distractions of home and office. 
  • For many, writing is an isolating activity and that isolation in itself can cause "writer's block" (times when a writer is stuck and can't move forward). The Writer's Block provides a writing community, allowing you to spend time writing at the same time as others (which is in itself motivating) as well as seek consultations with the program director, arrange to exchange drafts with other participants, and talk about writing goals, accomplishments, and challenges in small groups.


Summer 2020 Schedule

Check back for the summer 2020 schedule.


  • This program is only available to international graduate students working on theses and dissertations.
  • You may register for just one Writer's Block or multiple Writer's Blocks.
  • If you register for a Writer's Block but cannot attend, you must cancel your registration at least twelve hours before the Block start time, in order to allow time for students on the waitlist to register. Later cancellations and students who register but do not show up for the Block will be recorded as a missed appointment. After two missed appointments, students will not be able to  register for additional Blocks until he/she contacts the program director (Michelle Cox) and received permission to register again. 



To register for a Writer's Block, click here. This link will take you to the same platform ELSO uses for tutoring appointment scheduling and workshop registration. If you haven't been to this site yet, you will be asked to register by creating a username and password. 

Once you are in the site, select "Int'l: Thesis & Diss Writers Block." You will find further instructions for registrating for particular dates on this page.



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