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The John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines is seeking 

graduate students to work as peer writing tutors at the Graduate Writing Service.


Graduate Writing Service tutors are experienced writers and teachers of writing from multiple disciplines. Tutors are available weekdays and evenings to work with Cornell graduate students, post-docs, and faculty to refine and develop strategies for drafting and revising writing projects and teaching materials of all kinds:

  • dissertation chapters, seminar papers, research proposals, grant applications, conference presentations, professional articles
  • job letters, teaching philosophies
  • teaching materials (syllabi, writing assignments & lesson plans), and responding to student writing


Job Description

  • GWS tutors typically work 5 hours per week. (Tutors set their own hours.)

    • Tutors can choose to meet with writers face to face on campus. (Office space is available.)
    • Tutors can choose to hold tutoring sessions online – via digital conference or synchronic, text-based discussion. 
    • Tutors can choose to tutor electronically (eTutor) and provide written feedback on the drafts that writers submit online.
  • Tutors are expected to attend one-hour monthly staff/professional development meetings. 
  • Tutors earn $16.00/per hour.

How to Apply

  • Prerequisites: Enrolled status, experience teaching or tutoring and/or successful completion of WRIT 7100 or WRIT 7101.
  • Materials: Submit a CV and letter of interest detailing relevant employment or coursework to Dr. Tracy Hamler Carrick (
  • Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis.