CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: 2018 Faculty Seminar in Writing Instruction

By: JSKI Staff, 
Mon, 03/05/2018

Faculty from any discipline, who are committed to integrating writing into any course at any level of the curriculum, should consider applying to the 2018 Faculty Seminar in Writing Instruction. This intensive four-day workshop (June 6, 7, 12, and 13) brings together a group of no more than eight faculty who are interested in integrating writing into courses at all levels of the curriculum. Participants receive a $2000 stipend. Applications are due March 15.

Since 2007, participants have included seventy-nine faculty members from thirty-six departments, representing seven colleges. They have represented a range of academic ranks, from beginning lecturers and assistant professors to full professors. One recent participant, commenting on the range of disciplines represented, wrote, “The mix of disciplines was…illuminating, and helped me consider different forms of writing I might ask my students to engage in, beyond the standard social science methods paper.” 

The seminar schedule includes time to workshop course materials drafted by each participant. One professor wrote, “The most helpful aspect of the seminar, for me, was the opportunity to workshop my course assignments.… There are plenty of opportunities on campus to get peer feedback for research…but relatively fewer opportunities to do the same for course design.”

Another recent participant wrote that the seminar was “…intense and gave me the feeling of full immersion. I was engaged not only during the four days of the seminar, but also during the weekend that separated the two sections.”


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