Call for Applications | WRIT 7100 Co-Facilitators

By: JSKI Staff, 
Sun, 03/25/2018

In the summer and fall, the Knight Institute hires experienced graduate student instructors of First Year Writing Seminars to act as co-facilitators for Writing 7100: Teaching Writing.  Graduate student facilitators co-lead one of the discussion sections in collaboration with a faculty member. Their work may include planning seminar meetings; leading discussions; responding to assignments; and providing administrative support, which may include organizing workshops. Co-facilitators will be expected to attend weekly staff meetings and the orientation for participants held on the afternoon of May 11 (as well as a planning meeting prior to orientation). Co-Facilitators receive a stipend of $1,000, as well as valuable programmatic experience and professional development.

Applicants should post a cover letter, cv, and sample of teaching materials to our Blackboard site – Writing 7100 Co-Facilitator Applicationby 5:00 pm on Monday, April 9.

  • Go to BLACKBOARD <>
  • Search for “Writing 7100 Co-Facilitator Application”
  • Enroll in the Blackboard site
  • Click on the link: “SUBMIT Application Materials HERE”
  • Follow on-screen instructions to upload application materials
  • Submit application materials by Monday, April 9

Please indicate whether your preference to teach during the Summer session, the Fall session, or both.

  • The summer session will meet on Wednesdays from 1:30-4:00 p.m. during the six week summer session which begins on June 25 and ends on August 3.
  • The fall session will meet on six Wednesdays beginning on August 22 and ending on  September 26. All meetings will be held from 6:00-8:30 p.m. (The first meeting may be held on a slightly different schedule, likely on Monday August 20.)
  • We may also organize out-of-class workshops for Writing 7100 students. Co-facilitators may participate in organizing these workshops.

Guidelines for Application Materials:

  • Discuss your experience as a writing teacher and describe the ways you believe you could contribute to a seminar on the teaching of writing. You may want to discuss your own experience in Writing 7100. Please let us know if you have other experience or qualifications that may be relevant to your application.
  • Indicate, in your letter or CV, when you took Writing 7100 and who your facilitators were. Include the name of at least one other person at Cornell—such as a course leader or a professor for whom you’ve TAed—who can speak about your teaching.
  • Include sample teaching materials that have been drawn from a writing course you have actually taught at Cornell. Your materials may include syllabi, writing assignments, in-class exercises, and any other materials you have used in your course(s). Your materials should be limited to samples that reflect your teaching practice and philosophy. They should not represent the entire body of work produced for a particular course or courses. This collection of teaching materials should include one sample syllabus plus no more than 10-12 other pages of teaching materials of your choice.
  • Because we expect co-facilitators to share course materials with 7100 students, select materials you think may be useful for graduate instructors preparing their own courses. Preface your course materials with a summary statement in which you describe your materials; explain what instructors-in-training might learn from them; and discuss how you might present them to this audience. This summary statement should not exceed 1000 words.
  • We may be adding workshops on teaching topics and/or on working with campus resources to the summer and fall sessions. Co-facilitators may be involved in planning and organizing these workshops. Propose ideas for a workshop or session that you think instructors-in-training would find particularly useful. Please describe it and, if you would be interested in organizing such a workshop, explain how you might proceed.

If you have questions, please contact David Faulkner at or Tracy Hamler Carrick at

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