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CWC for Teachers

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The Cornell Writing Centers (CWC) can help support your students and you through the Essay Response & Consultation Program, classroom visits and workshops, and through your continued support and promotion. 

WC Syllabus Blurb

Our graduate and undergraduate tutors are eager to work collaboratively with all writers on campus. While tutoring services can sometimes be assumed to be for weak or struggling writers, we strongly believe that all writers—whether novice, first year, seniors, or graduate students—benefit from sharing their developing ideas and writing with others. Regardless of writing expertise, we believe that the engaged dialogue between a tutor and writer fosters student reflection, growth and learning about writing.

The CWC relies on support and promotion from faculty and instructors across campus; thus, we hope that you will continue to support our services and your students by including the CWC blurb (below) on your syllabus or Canvas site and by periodically reminding students about the work we do.

The Cornell Writing Centers

The Cornell Writing Centers (CWC) provide support for individuals at any stage of the writing process. It is a free resource available to everyone on campus—faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students—for nearly any kind of writing project: applications, presentations, lab reports, essays, papers, and more. Tutors (trained undergraduate and graduate students) serve as responsive listeners and readers who can address questions about the writing process or about particular pieces of writing. They can consider questions of confidence, critical reading, analytic thought, and imagination. Writing tutors also have experience working with non-native English speakers. The CWC is offering synchronous online tutoring (via chat and/or video conferences) through our scheduling platform:  We have appointments Mondays through Thursdays from 8:00-10:00am ET and 3:00-5:00pm ET as well as Sundays through Thursdays from 7:00 – 10:00pm ET.


Essay Response Consultation

The Essay Response Consultation enables instructors to sit down one on one with tutors to talk about student writing. Because tutors have a great deal of experience in reading student essays and teacher comments, they can usefully support instructors who want to deepen and extend strategies for commenting on student work. Instructors can work with tutors to:

  • review a set of papers on which the instructor has already commented.
  • discuss a set of papers when the instructor is in the process of providing response and evaluation. 


Classroom Visits & Workshops

The CWC can also help foster productive and engaging small group writing workshops in your class! Kate Navickas, Director of the Cornell Writing Centers, along with some tutors, can schedule classroom visits that promote effective peer responses around higher order concerns, like focus, organization, the development of ideas, thesis sentences, using sources, etc. Tutors will work with and alongside small groups of students as they read and respond to each others' writing. 

Contact Kate Navickas for more details. 

You can also use a ready-made WC Classroom Workshop Guide: