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About ELSO Workshops

ELSO offers workshops on a range of topics related to writing and speaking available to all international graduate and professional students. These workshops are typically held twice a month on Friday afternoons from 1:30-3:00. Participation is limited to 40 students. 

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September 6: Preparing for the Career Fair

1:30-3:00, Caldwell Hall room 250, led by Nathan Lindberg

The University Career Fair Days will take place on September 11 and 12, 2019. This event is important for meeting potential employers, learning more about possible employment opportunities, and practicing networking skills, which are very important for the job search. During this workshop, we will help you have a better understanding about the cultural expectations of the fair and how to prepare for it. 

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September 20: Finding the Writing, Speaking, and Research Support You Need

1:30-3:00, Caldwell Hall room 250, led by Michelle Cox

The most successful students are those who take the most advantage of available support. At this workshop, learn about the many ways that Cornell can support you as a writer, speaker, and researcher. Be sure to bring a laptop computer or another device to take part in workshop activities.


October 4: Strategies for Building Vocabulary

1:30-3:00, Caldwell Hall room 250, led by Melissa Myers

Having a broader range of words to both speak and write in graduate school can help you communicate with more ease and fluency. In this workshop we will explore effective strategies for expanding your vocabulary to support continued use and growth of important field terminology and academic language.

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October 18: Starting and Continuing Conversations

1:30-3:00, Caldwell Hall room 250, led by Nathan Lindberg

Conversing with different people can be a valuable way to make friends, learn new information, and network.  How do you start a conversation with someone you do not know well or not know at all? How can you continue a conversation in different settings for different purposes? This workshop will give you strategies for starting and continuing conversations. We'll also talk about specific language you can use, and what language is taboo. Finally, you'll get lots of practice talking to others.

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November 1: The Journal Article Publication Process

1:30-3:00, Caldwell Hall room 250, led by Michelle Cox and Nathan Lindberg

At this workshop, we will discuss the entire journal article publication process, from selecting a suitable journal for your work, to submitting the manuscript, responding to reviewer comments, and editing, as well as how long each stage of the process may take in different fields. The workshop presenter will share documents from one of her own publications, as well as invite participants to share their own publication experiences. Come prepared with questions!

November 15: An Insider's Guide to Conversations

1:30-3:00, Caldwell Hall room 250, led by Melissa Myers

Have you ever felt awkward talking to others but you're not sure why? Sometimes your awkwardness might be from factors you are not considering, particularly when you talk to someone from another culture. In this workshop, we will explore some of the subtle factors that change the way we converse and that can make us feel comfortable or uncomfortable. You'll learn ways you can adjust your manner to affect the way others perceive you.

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