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About ELSO Workshops

ELSO offers workshops on a range of topics related to writing and speaking available to all international graduate and professional students. These workshops are typically held twice a month on Friday afternoons from 1:30-3:00. Participation is limited to 40 students. 

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August 31: Preparing for the Career Fair

1:30-3:00, Caldwell 250, led by Nathan Lindberg

University Career Fair Days, the largest career fair of the year, will take place on September 5 and 6, 2018. This event is important for meeting potential employers, learning more about possible employment opportunities, and practicing networking skills, which are very important for the job search. During this workshop, we will help you have a better understanding about the cultural expectations of the fair and how to prepare for it. To register, click here.  

September 4: Interviewing

6:00-8:30, Caldwell 250, led by Nathan Lindberg

At the University Career Fair Days on September 5 and 6, some students will be invited for interviews. This workshop is designed to help you prepare for this opportunity, as well as other interviews that may happen across the year. At this workshop, you will learn about different types of interviews, effective ways to respond to questions, and mistakes to avoid. Come ready to practice interview skills! To register, click here.


September 21: Finding the Writing, Speaking, and Research Support You Need

1:30-3:00, Caldwell 250, led by Michelle Cox

Cornell offers different types of writing, speaking, and research support, some available solely to international graduate students and some more widely available. This support includes workshops, courses, consultations, or online resources, available through the English Language Support Office, the Graduate School, the Knight Institute, and Cornell Libraries. Which kinds of support would best meet your needs? Please bring a laptop computer or another device to this workshop, so that you can explore resources as they are introduced. To register, click here.

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October 12: Building Fluency as a Speaker

1:30-3:00, Warren 150, led by Melissa Myers

What does it mean to speak with more fluency? What are reasonable goals for fluency? What strategies can be used to build oral fluency? At this workshop, you will identify your fluency challenges, set fluency goals, and learn strategies for speaking with more sophistication. Come ready to talk! To register, click here.

October 26: The Journal Article Publication Process

1:30-3:00, Warren 150, led by Michelle Cox

At this workshop, we will discuss the entire journal article publication process, from selecting a suitable journal for your work, to submitting the manuscript, responding to reviewer comments, and editing, as well as how long each stage of the process may take in different fields. The workshop presenter will share documents from one of her own publications, as well as invite participants to share their own publication experiences. Come prepared with questions! To register, click here.

November 9: Speaking to Persuade

1:30-3:00, Warren 150, led by Melissa Myers

In our academic and professional lives, we often need to speak persuasively, whether during a presentation, a meeting, a class discussion, or an impromptu hallway conversation. During this workshop, you will learn strategies for crafting oral arguments, expressing disagreement, and persuading an audience. Come ready to argue! To register, click here.

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