FLOOD | Knight Rockefeller Office Temporarily RELOCATED

By: JSKI Staff, 
Wed, 01/23/2019

Early Wednesday morning, a water pipe burst on the northwest end of Rockefeller Hall, causing significant damage to Knight's Rockefeller office. The campus home of the Writing Workshop has temporarily moved across the hall to 133 Rockefeller Hall.

You can find the following people in this location:

  • Tracy Hamler Carrick, Writing Workshop Director
  • Valeria Dani, Visiting Lecturer of Writing
  • Kate Navickas, Writing Centers Director
  • Jessica Sands, Multilingual Writing Specialist
  • Jennifer Janke, Administrative Assistant

You can find Darlene Evans at 157 Goldwin Smith and Brad Zukovic at M101 McGraw Hall.

Please direct questions to Jennifer Janke jld296@cornell.edu.


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