FWS Instructor Workshops

By: JSKI Staff, 
Fri, 03/13/2020

The Knight Institute is offering a few opportunities for FWS instructors interested in learning more about digital teaching tools and how they can be most effectively applied in a writing course.

Introduction to Teaching Writing in a Digital Classroom (Join Zoom Meeting at https://cornell.zoom.us/j/6400269844)

Drs. Kate Navickas and Tracy Carrick will walk participants through a week in the life of their modified FWS courses ("Bridging Differences" and "Food for Thought). They will share lesson plans and demonstrate a variety of digital tools: Zoom; Google Docs; and Canvas (Calendar, Peer Review, Discussion Board, PerusALL/Hypothes.is).​

  • Thursday, March 26, 1:00-2:30pm

RSVP by emailing Jen Janke, jld296@cornell.edu 

FWS Instructor Meetup (Join Zoom Meeting at https://cornell.zoom.us/j/6400269844)

Meet with Knight faculty and other FWS instructors after instruction resumes to share creative ideas and troubleshoot problems.

  • Thursday, April 9, 1:00-2:30pm

RSVP by emailing Jen Janke, jld296@cornell.edu

Remote-Access Office Hours for those wishing to consult and ask for advice regarding their own classes and transitions to online teaching: 

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The Cornell Access Fund has extended their financial support opportunities to include hardships related to COVID-19.

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Designing a Digital FWS Classroom