Giving Day 2021 | Make your gifts to ELSO or KNIGHT on March 11

By: JSKI Staff, 
Wed, 03/10/2021

The College of Arts & Sciences is gearing up for Giving Day on Thursday, March 11, and we hope that the Knight and ELSO communities will join the fun!

Your gifts to to ELSO and KNIGHT help us to build inclusive cultures of writing and communication and to lift up our faculty, tutors, and students so they can reach higher.

On Thursday, March 11, join the Cornell community to make a difference for students on Cornell Giving Day.


The English Language Support Office strives to support all multilingual and international graduate students at Cornell. Our funds are used to hire faculty, hire peer tutors, provide training for peer tutors, purchase materials to support instruction, and support the professional development of ELSO faculty. 

Our students regularly tell us that our programming makes a real difference in their lives. With effective writing, speaking, and language support, multilingual domestic and international students are able to more fully participate in their degree programs, better communicate their research, move more effectively and efficiently through their degree requirements, and better distinguish themselves as scholars and professionals by being awarded grants, having conference proposals accepted, having research published, and attaining interviews and positions -- all of which rely on sophisticated English usage.

Moreover, students tell us that they value the ways in which ELSO creates community among multilingual students, fosters interactions among international and domestic students, and puts students in touch with other resources. These important community connections help to provide that network of support that is so crucial for facing the many challenges of graduate work and life. 


The John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines at Cornell University supports writing seminars and writing intensive courses in a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and at all levels of undergraduate education; it also engages in a variety of outreach activities. Through advances in a changing field, it has maintained its reputation as the premier writing program in the country, seeding the idea of teaching writing across disciplines by teaching future professors in every field, from Chemistry to Comparative Literature, Classics to Mathematics, Biology to Development Sociology, Engineering and Ecology, how to teach good writing to their students.

The Knight Institute coordinates the First-Year Writing Seminar Program, which serves the vast majority of first-year students at Cornell. It also has developed advanced-writing initiatives: it coordinates Writing in the Majors, an upper-level program, and supports courses on expository writing. The Knight Institute is also home to the Writing Workshop, which offers tutorial writing classes and tutoring services. In all, more than thirty-five academic departments and programs offer courses associated with the Knight Institute's programs.

We know of no writing program that exceeds Cornell's in the richness and diversity of its course offerings. The strength of the John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines was recognized in September 2000 by the Time/Princeton Review when it designated Cornell the Private Research University "College of the Year" on the basis of its writing-in-the-disciplines approach. Support for the John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines goes toward these renowned initiatives, including the Cornell Writing Centers, the Graduate Writing Service, the Writing in the Majors program, writing outreach, and prizes recognizing both student and instructor excellence. 

On Thursday, March 11, join the Cornell community to make a difference for students on Cornell Giving Day.

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