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Graduate Writing Service tutors are experienced writers and teachers of writing from multiple disciplines -- with scholarly and professional backgrounds in the humanities and social and physical sciences. Some of us are also instructors of languages other than English.

We are are available weekdays and evenings to work with Cornell graduate students, post-docs, faculty, and staff to refine and develop strategies for drafting and revising writing projects and teaching materials. 

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Kristen Angierski

PhD Candidate, English & FWS Graduate Instructor​

I am a PhD. Candidate in the English Department. My work focuses on contemporary climate change fiction and utopian food movements. More specifically, my research examines how literary representations of “environmental eating disorders” make sense of our precarious ecological present. As an interdisciplinary scholar, I look forward to working with students from across the disciplines on diverse writing projects. In my courses—from “FWS: Witch Narratives” to the “McNair Scholars Capstone Course”—I focus on concision, clarity, and the “So what?” of a claim. I also enjoy helping students translate dense academia-ese into comprehensible prose. I am especially excited to work with clients on pedagogical writing: teaching statements, FWS assignments, responses to student papers, among others.

Ultimately, I believe that every writing project is a narrative. It is my goal to help you tell the most effective story.

Nicholas Bujalski

PhD Candidate, History & FWS Graduate Instructor

I am a PhD candidate in the History Department, focusing on the cultural, intellectual, and spatial history of modern Russia. My work examines the history of political incarceration in the late-imperial and early-soviet period: specifically, how the prison cell functioned in the textual productions and revolutionary imagination of radical political cultures. As a teacher and a tutor, I am especially interested in developing complex arguments with clarity and precision (while preserving one’s own voice), adapting to the formal demands of particular scholastic genres, and helping non-native speakers navigate the tricky terrain of English-language academic prose.

Simone Harmath-de Lemos

PhD Candidate, Linguistics & Former FWS Graduate Instructor

I am a Ph.D. candidate with the Department of Linguistics. I have a B.S. in Computer Engineering, and an M.A. in Linguistics. My research focuses on Prosody, the patterns of stress and rhythm in languages, and how those interact with language structure and meaning, so that they can be computationally mapped. I also document two endangered languages of Brazil, Bororo and Talian. At Cornell, I have taught both FWS and Portuguese language classes.

As a writing instructor/tutor, I like to work on language effectiveness, that is, how to use vocabulary and structures to one's advantage. I believe effective language can be used to catch and to retain a reader's attention, and that any topic can be explained to any audience, provided the writer uses language effectively and efficiently.

Keith Hjortshoj

Founding Director of Cornell Writing in the Majors, John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines (Retired)

As a member of the Knight Institute faculty, Keith Hjortshoj offered writing courses and  consultations for graduate students in all fields for many years. He also wrote the Graduate School’s booklet “Writing from A to B,” a recently published book for dissertation writers, “From Student to Scholar,” and “Understanding Writing Blocks."

Jayme Kilburn

PhD Candidate, Performing and Media Arts & FWS Graduate Instructor

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Performing and Media Arts Department. My work focuses on feminist performance, specifically women stage directors. My dissertation puts interviews I have conducted in conversation with performance history and theory. Through this research, I attempt to make visible the important work women directors have contributed to the field. As a teacher and tutor, I am interested in developing succinct arguments, using clear and concise language, and adapting to the demands of academic writing. In my first-year writing seminars - “Politics, Propaganda, and Performance” and “Sex Acts: American Drama 1950-Present” - I work with students to develop both their critical and creative voice while also focusing on the overall flow and clarity of their work. I am excited to work with clients on all aspects of writing including pedagogical statements, job materials, grants, and dissertation chapters.

Carol-Rose Little

PhD Candidate, Linguistics & Former FWS Graduate Instructor

I am a PhD candidate in the linguistics department, where I do fieldwork on the syntax and semantics of nominal structures in Ch'ol and Tojol-ab'al, two Mayan languages of Chiapas, Mexico. In addition to formalizing patterns of understudied natural languages, I also develop and advocate for decolonizing and indigenizing collaborative methodologies for conducting linguistic fieldwork. As a FWS instructor and tutor, I enjoy working on concision, clarity and getting-to-the-point-ness. I also believe that even the most complicated subjects can be presented in a way that both experts and complete novices can understand and find value in.

Leigh York

PhD Candidate, German Studies & FWS Graduate Instructor

I am a PhD Candidate in German Studies. My dissertation is on narrative form in nineteenth-century German novels, with additional interests in critical theory, media studies, and popular culture from 1750 until today. As a teacher and tutor I am particularly interested in helping writers across all disciplines develop a clear voice and a compelling narrative- or argumentative arc. I enjoy working on clarity and precision of language at the sentence level as well as on larger questions of organization and flow, and I hope to help writers hone each text for a specific audience and purpose.  


Writers and teachers of writing can schedule 30- or 60-minute face-to-face meetings and online appointments (using a video and messaging platform). Tutors can also provide written feedback on drafts through our eTutoring system.
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Tracy Hamler Carrick​​, PhD

John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines, Cornell Univeristy, Ithaca Campus

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