The Knight Institute Around Campus

By: JSKI Staff, 
Wed, 01/31/2018

The John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines faculty and staff can be found in THREE campus locations. Check out the details below to find the program and faculty that can best support you.

Knight Institute WEST Suite (M101 McGraw Hall) 

Campus home of the First-Year Writing Seminar Program and the Writing in the Majors Program

  • George Hutchinson, Knight Institute Director
  • Darlene Evans, Writing Outreach Director
  • David Faulkner, First-Year Writing Seminars Director
  • Elliot Shapiro, Writing in the Majors Director
  • Kelly King-O'Brien, Writing in the Majors Associate Director
  • Brad Zukovic, Senior Lecturer
  • Donna Newton, Administrative Assistant

Knight Institute EAST Suite (174 Rockefeller Hall) 

Campus home of the Writing Workshop

  • Tracy Hamler Carrick, Writing Workshop Director
  • Kate Navickas, Writing Centers Director
  • Jessica Sands, Multilingual Writing Specialist
  • Valeria Dani, Visiting Lecturer of Writing
  • Jennifer Janke, Administrative Assistant

ELSO (260 Caldwell Hall)

Campus home of the English Language Support Office

  • Michelle Cox, ELSO Director
  • Melissa Myers, Lecturer & Coordinator of Speaking Services
  • Nathan Lindberg, Lecturer & Coordinator of Tutoring Services
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