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Remote-Access Teaching Resources | Fall 2020

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Teaching Writing Online | Fall 2020

Archive of Summer 2020 FWS Instructor Workshops

Archive of Fall 2020 FWS Instructor Workshops

Upcoming FWS Instructor Workshops

Facilitating Discussions Idea Swap

Facilitating FWS Discussions in the Age of Covid-19 Gather your lunch and a refreshing beverage and join us to talk about discussion in your writing classroom. Topics we might address are: Does “wait time” work on Zoom? How long should we wait? Should we avoid controversial topics this semester? How do we handle conflicts or tensions on Zoom when it might be easier (or harder) to intervene? How might we prompt engaging and productive discussions on Zoom? Or in-person socially distanced? How do we “create space” for quieter folks when some people may monopolize the discussion at times?  We will share ideas and strategies about how to foster good discussions in our current circumstances (whether online, in-person, or hybrid). Bring your own questions and concerns so that we can brainstorm strategies together.

Friday, 9/25

1-2pm EST

Revising Sentences: Paragraph Clarity for Multilingual Writers

Tuesday, 9/29

2-3pm EST

Teaching Research/Research Papers Idea Swap 

Wednesday, 10/7

1-2pm EST

Reading & Responding to Challenging Writing Idea Swap

Thursday, 10/15

2-3pm EST

Responding to Students of Concern Idea Swap

Friday, 10/24

1-2pm EST

Balancing Sync & Async Idea Swap

Friday, 10/30

1-2pm EST

Grading Contract Idea Swap


11/11 1-2pm EST

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Canvas Sites for FWS Instructor Collaboration

  • FWS Instructor Sandbox Find here pedagogical resources that can help you develop an online platform for your FWS -- whether you are interested in building a remote-access, fully online course or in simply developing a robust Learning Management System (LMS) to support multimodal instruction for an in-person or hybrid course. You'll find start-up tips and guidelines for recommended digital tools, links to campus and Knight Institute resources, videos of teaching demonstrations and workshops, and detailed lesson plans and activities that you can import directly into your FWS Canvas site. 
  • FWS Online Scenarios Find here a plan for online or hybrid writing instruction that includes six scenarios reflecting core aspects of the mission and learning outcomes of the Cornell First-Year-Writing Seminar. These scenarios can be combined to set up a syllabus and to design an instructional system for an online or hybrid FWS on any topic.
  • (Digital Social Annotation Tool)  Test out with colleagues this social annotation tool that allows for sentence-level note taking or critique on top of classroom reading, news, blogs, scientific articles, books, terms of service, ballot initiatives, legislation and more.
  • Feedback Fruits (Peer Review Tool) A test environment for the Summer/Fall 2020 pilot of the FeedbackFruits learning app where you will be able to participate in building your test assignments.

Campus Resources for Teaching & Learning in a Digital Classroom

Additional Resources for Teaching & Learning in a Digital Classroom