Summer 2017 Writing Center Pilot

By: Kate Navickas, Writing Centers Director, 
Thu, 06/08/2017

This summer, the Knight Writing Centers are piloting regular summer tutoring hours! For the 6-week summer session, we will have trained graduate tutors who are eager to work collaboratively with all writers on campus. While tutoring services can sometimes be assumed to be for weak or struggling writers, we strongly believe that all writers—whether novice, first year, seniors, or graduate students—benefit from sharing their developing ideas and writing with others. Regardless of writing expertise, we believe that the engaged dialogue between a tutor and writer fosters student reflection, growth and learning about writing. 

The WC can usefully support students on any kind of writing project at any stage of the drafting process. Tutors (trained graduate students) serve as responsive listeners and readers who can address questions about the writing process or about particular pieces of writing. They can also consider questions of confidence, critical reading, analytic thought, and imagination. Many writing tutors also have experience working with English language learners. The WC loves walk-ins, but students can also make appointments by registering here:

Tutoring starts Monday, June 26, and the summer WC Schedule is as follows:

Klarman Hall, KG42
Sunday - Thursday 7:00-10:00pm

For more information about WC services, see our new website:  


Summer Writing Center Light Bulb Poster