Summer Writing Center

Fri, 06/14/2019

Over the summer, the Cornell Writing Centers are offering tutoring during the 6-week summer session, from June 24 through August 1. Below are the details about what types of services we are offering during this time.

Summer Writing Center

Klarman Hall, KG42 & 44

Sundays-Thursdays, 7:00-10:00pm

The Summer Writing Center (WC) can usefully support all students on any kind of writing project at any stage of the drafting process. Tutors (trained graduate students) serve as responsive listeners and readers who can address questions about the writing process or about particular pieces of writing. They can also consider questions of confidence, critical reading, analytic thought, organization and imagination, as well as helping you identify patterns of error at the sentence or paragraph-level. The WC loves walk-ins, but you can also make appointments by registering here:

This summer, we’re also offering some remote, synchronous online appointments! Digital sessions are by appointment only. For digital appointments, you will need to login to our scheduling system at your scheduled appointment time and click on your appointment to enter an hour-long video or chat tutoring session, in which your tutor will help you upload or share your writing.