Virtual FWS Classroom Walk-Throughs

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Virtual FWS Classroom Walk-Throughs

The virtual FWS classroom walk-throughs are intended to give you a sense of how Knight faculty and FWS teachers have transitioned their FWSs online. These online classes are not intended to represent perfect online instruction; rather, the walk-throughs are intended to help facilitate understanding and critical thinking about a wide array of potential online teaching practices, tools, and examples of FWS assignments.

During the walk-throughs, you can expect the FWS instructor to share their screen on Zoom and:

  • Review their FWS course trajectory (assignments and movement of the course)
  • Share their online course infrastructure/setup (Canvas, Google Docs)
  • Discuss what online “class” involves and the homework they ask students to complete
  • Provide a brief demo of online tools they use
  • Share strategies for fostering engagement, collaboration and conversation synchronously and asynchronously
  • Reflect on what they will keep, change, or add for future online teaching
  • Answer questions

Virtual Walk-Through Schedule for Summer 2020: