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Each semester students can apply to work with dedicated writing tutors -- peer writing mentors -- with whom they meet weekly for the duration of the semester. Trained graduate and undergraduate tutors are available to work with undergraduate students who feel that their writing is not effectively communicating the depth and quality of their thoughts and ideas.

During weekly meetings, KNIGHT WRITERS may work to:

  • help writers get started with an essay by reading and discussing a writing assignment, evaluating research material, or brainstorming an outline. 
  • discuss ways to shape a coherent argument, make strong use of evidence, work with appropriate citation conventions. 
  • consider questions about depth of analysis, organization, thesis statements, audience expectations, paragraph development, stylistics, or sentence structure. 
  • identify patterns among errors in grammar or usage and to develop effective strategies for their own line editing.

Topics of discussion may also include strategies for reading; the influence of language or cultural background on one’s approach to academic writing; coping with adversity, optimizing success, and becoming familiar with campus resources and social networks. Above all, Knight Writers work with students to develop a spirit of inquiry and a sense of empowerment through academic writing.

Because writers reach higher with a STEADY SYSTEM of writing support.

Apply to this program either as a mentor or as a student!

  • First-year students interested in working with a peer mentor at the Writing Workshop, 174 Rockefeller Hall, or here.  
  • Undergraduates interested in working as a peer mentor can obtain application materials at the Writing Workshop, 174 Rockefeller Hall, or here.  Several training sessions will be held during the semester.  

Contact Dr. Tracy Hamler Carrick with questions or for more information.