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Essay Response Consultation @ Cornell



Knight Institute GWS tutors are a valuable resource not just for writers, but also for teachers. The Essay Response Consultation enables instructors to sit down one on one with tutors to talk about student writing. Because they have a great deal of experience in reading and talking about student essays and helping students to understand and learn from teacher comments, Knight tutors can usefully support instructors who want to deepen and extend strategies for commenting on student work.

STRATEGY SESSION First-Year Writing Seminar instructors and other teachers of writing can work with tutors to develop plans for responding to papers when instructors are in the process of providing comments and evaluations.

REFLECTION SESSION First-Year Writing Seminar instructors and other teachers of writing can work with tutors to review a set or selection of student papers after instructors have already written comments and assigned grades.


Knight Institute GWS tutors -- experienced writers and teachers of writing from multiple disciplines -- are available weekdays and evenings to work with First-Year Writing Seminar instructors and other teachers of writing  to refine and develop strategies for reading and responding to student writing.
Writers and teachers of writing can schedule face-to-face meetings and online appointments (using a video and messaging platform). 
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After selecting and saving appointments, a pop-up window will confirm the appointment time. At the bottom of that window, please attach the following as a single PDF:

  • the writing assignment
  • the student essays (with or without comments)

At the appointment, be prepared to discuss the following questinons:

  • What did you expect of students in this assignment?
  • How did and didn't they meet your expectations? How did they exceed them?
  • What questions do you have about the writing assignment, the collection of essays, any specific essays?
  • What questinons do you have about your comments, response strategies, response process, in-class activities, and other preparatory work?

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