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Each semester, the University Registrar opens the Grade Roster on the third day of exams. You can enter student grades between that date and the deadline, typically a few days after your final paper/project due date. Once you submit your final course grades, students can see their grades (almost) as soon as you post them. Grades entered by 2:00pm EST will be viewable on Student Center by 5:30pm EST.

Here are some useful links ito guide your process:

  • Submitting Fall 2020 course grades | Cornell's Grading website

  • Entering Grades for Your Classes | This CalStateFullerton site provides visual guides for each of the steps outlined below.
    • Log in to Faculty Center.
    • Click on the grading icon next to the class you want to grade.
    • Use the drop-down menu to select a grade for each student.
    • Click on Save to save the grades you have entered.
    • When you have finished entering all grades, click on the Approval Status drop-down menu.
    • Change the Approval Status to Approved. Click Save to finalize your grade roster.
  • Calculating final grades in Canvas Gradebook is NOT enough.
    • You can import a CSV file (from Canvas Gradebook or spreadsheet). If you want to upload your grades, please follow this link: Using the Grade Upload Feature in Faculty Center.
    • Given the small size of FWSs, you may find it quicker to simply enter each student’s grade manually.
  • Guidelines for assigning an Incomplete | For additional details, visit this site: Grading Guidelines @ Cornell
    • The grade of incomplete is appropriate only when two basic conditions are met:

      • the student has substantial equity at a passing level in the course with respect to work completed; and
      • the student has been prevented by circumstances beyond the student’s control, such as illness or family emergency, from completing all of the course requirements on time.
    • An incomplete may not be given merely because a student fails to complete all course requirements on time. 
  • Guidelines for Adjusting Grades
  • Student Data Safety Reminders
    • Grades are protected by FERPA and university policy.
    • Grades should never be posted or made public.
    • Email should never be used to communicate or discuss grades.
  • If grade rosters, reports, and other confidential material must be distributed within the university, use the Cornell DropBox. Student information must be stored on a secure, password-protected server.