Ashley Koca ('25) to publish FWS essay

Ashley Koca's (CAS '25) article "Stars and the Supersensory: Nasrid Sufism and the Application of the Philosophy of Ibn al-Khatib in the Alhambra’s Architecture" will be published this year in the Fenjan journal, the University of Pennsylvania's Undergraduate journal for Near Eastern Studies. In this piece, Koca explores "the starlike imagery seen throughout the Alhambra," and the ways in which such imagery "functions as sigils calling upon the heavens to channel divine power into the hands of the Nasrids, the last Islamic dynasty in the Iberian Peninsula." 

Koca first wrote this essay in her Fall '21 First-Year Writing Seminar -- ART HISTORY 1132: Seeing, Reading, and Writing the Alhambra with Professor Cynthia Robinson. 

Follow this link to the full article:


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