FWS Teaching Days: Visit a colleague's writing class

Current and Future FWS Instructors are invited to visit a current FWS classroom over the coming weeks as part of Knight’s FWS Days. As the semester moves forward, writing classrooms across Cornell are alive with drafts being read, revised, and rewritten with increased clarity and polish. Students and teachers are implementing new skills in their academic writing and teaching. This is an opportunity for us teachers to observe, share, and learn from each other.

Whether you are thinking about teaching an FWS for the first time next year, are currently a first time teacher, or have been teaching FWS classes for many years, we welcome everyone to visit another classroom and see how other folks are doing this work. 

There are so many good reasons to drop in and observe another writing course, such as—

  • To get new/different ideas for lesson plans and class activities that you can integrate into your own teaching, now or in the future.
  • To see how different student dynamics shape the teaching and learning environment.
  • To learn from other teachers’ approach to similar/different challenges in their classes.
  • To connect with other like-minded teachers, build interdepartmental relationships, and foster future writing-focused collaborations.
  • To have fun in a class where you don’t have to teach for once!

To participate, email me at sas528@cornell.edu with the subject line: FWS Teaching Days.

In your email please include (a) what department/course you are currently teach or are planning to teach in the future, and (b) which days (M/W or Tu/Th)  and times you are available this semester. I will coordinate matching you with a current course that fits your availability.

This call is for those who would like to visit another FWS course in the coming weeks. We are aiming to set up visits for March and April.


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