Online Course Evaluations

Joint message from College Deans

We strongly recommend that you schedule your FWS evaluations to be performed as a group during a class session sometime before the last day of class.  It is in your interest as an instructor to ensure as high a rate of compliance as possible. 

•  Students will be sent daily e-mails from May 4--May 13 reminding them to complete their evaluation and providing them with a link directly to the evaluations (sample e-mail below).

• The survey is compatible with mobile phones as well as laptops and tablets. Every student who brings one of these devices to class on the scheduled date will be able to participate.

• Students who are absent on the day in question can log in later.

• This form should be administered in all First-Year Writing Seminars.

Sample Email Received by Students


Dear Student,

On-line evaluation for courses offered by the colleges listed below is now open.  You may access your evaluation surveys for these five colleges, and Physical Education at:

Please note that courses using an in-class evaluation form may not offer an on-line evaluation option.

Your feedback is appreciated for several reasons:

Course evaluations help your instructors and TAs improve their teaching.  They are also used by review committees as one indication of an individual's teaching ability and performance when they are being considered for tenure and promotion and for teaching awards. The Cornell experience for all students and the reputation of the university is affected by how well your instructors teach; this is your opportunity to speak to the quality of your educational experience.

Confidentiality of evaluations:  Your identity will be masked and responses delivered to and reviewed by your instructors only after they have submitted final grades.

Thank you in advance for taking time to evaluate your courses.

Rachel Bean, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Arts and Sciences George R. Boyer, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, ILR Margaret W. Frey, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, Human Ecology Alan Zehnder, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Engineering Donald R. Viands, Associate Dean and Director of Academic Programs, CALS


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