Peer Review Ideas

Establishing a strong writing community in a First-Year Writing Seminar is an essential and complex challenge -- especially in online or socially-distanced classrooms. Peer review activities are one way to initiate and deepen students’ commitment to each other as writers.

At their best, peer review activities enable students to:

  • refine and develop specific drafts; 
  • refine and develop more sustainable/agile ways to navigate the writing process;
  • learn how to give and receive constructive feedback;
  • engage in collaborative learning that reinforces course learning outcomes;
  • practice interpersonal communication; and
  • build community with structured, writing-focused activities.

Follow this link to a real time GoogleDoc | Peer Review Activities Idea Swap where we are collecting ideas for designing digitally-mediated peer review activities. Join other FWS instructors to post additional ideas for classroom activities and instructional tools that you have tried or are considering.

Tracy Hamler Carrick


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