Why Visit the Cornell Writing Centers?

The Cornell Writing Centers are now offering online tutoring. Online tutoring means that you’ll “show up” by logging into our scheduling system, WC Online, and meet with one of our tutors. You’ll have the choice to either message back and forth with the tutor or use the video function to talk about your assignment, where you’re at with your writing, and what you’d like to work on.

WC Online is a pretty reliable platform; however, if you experience technical issues, our tutors are all trained to initiate a backup plan. So, if the online tutoring platform is down, just check your email—your tutor will reach out to you as soon as they can.

Due to the shift to online, we are excited to expand our regular tutoring schedule. We are now offering tutoring Sundays through Fridays, and our hours vary, but start as early as 7:00am EST and go as late as 12:00am EST.


Here are some of the reasons why our current tutors think you should make an appointment today:

The WC tutors can offer a piece of the Cornell community that you can access from home!

-Madison, Anna, Shivani, Sarah

Instruction on Zoom can be challenging to say the least. Finding motivation, structure, and accountability in our days can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. We are here to help! Our online tutoring appointments provide a space for focusing on whichever assignments lay ahead of you, at any step of the process: brainstorming, fleshing out ideas, revising, etc. We are a group of student tutors who love writing and talking about writing, and we are here for you!

-Laura D

The WC can help you ease back into a sense of familiarity! 

-Madison, Anna, Shivani, Sarah

One of the greatest parts of Cornell is the supportive community we create here, and that support extends into our academic lives. Though it can be a little harder to feel connected to that community while college has gone virtual, we can still be here to help each other. I think the digital writing sessions are a great way to not only get help with your work, but also connect with other Cornellians even when we can't be on campus together.


It’s not as weird or awkward to video chat as you’d think--we promise! 

-Madison, Anna, Shivani, Sarah

Students should use the digital writing center because it always helps to talk through a writing assignment with someone. Especially right now, as the shifting realities of the pandemic are affecting us all in different ways, it can be extremely difficult to sit down and get to work on an assignment, let alone get your thoughts in order to really understand the prompt and draft an outline. The writing center tutors are here (in the digital world) to help! We want to listen and engage with you as you brainstorm ways of writing and thinking, and help you make sense of it all.


It also doesn’t have to be video! The digital platform allows communication over audio or chat, whatever you are comfortable with. 

-Madison, Anna, Shivani, Sarah

Working from home and not having access to traditional resources can make it much more difficult to write at every stage of the process. Whether you're working on an important final research paper, want to talk through your plans for a small assignment, or need feedback on an application, the writing center is a great opportunity to get feedback and make the process feel less isolating! Now that all tutoring is digital, it's also much easier to make appointments at times that work best for you!


Right now is a great time to “visit” the Writing Centers if you haven’t worked with us before! We have extended hours and it is now really easy to access a tutor digitally, so it’s super convenient to connect with a tutor and try out this resource. You might find that you love it so much that you visit us in person next Fall!

-Laura D, Laura V, Kelly, & Madi

Tired of laboring alone? Don’t know how to write an email to your professor? Need an excuse to get away? Now you can get tutored by one of our highly-trained, very polite writing tutors from the comfort of your own home! Introducing the Writing Center Online!

-Shiv, Annika, April, & Kim 

Just because we’re self-isolating doesn’t mean you’re alone! We are dedicated to helping you succeed with your writing and lessening your academic stress in whatever ways we can. Plus, Spring is application season, so if you want someone to look over your personal statements, CV, resume or letter of intent, come down to the one and only, newly digital Writing Center!


A tutor is someone friendly to talk to who you’re not quarantining with! 

-Madison, Anna, Shivani, Sarah


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