Students in a First-Year Writing Seminar

Optional Mid-Term Evaluation

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Indispensable Reference

Optional Mid-Term Evaluation


[Optional: Suggested evaluation for instructor’s use only, in paper-based written form]

John S. Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines

FWS Mid-Term Evaluation

When you answer these four questions, you might keep in mind the following topics: in-class discussion of and work on writing; discussion of readings; reading assignments; writing assignments; conferences; feedback on your writing.

  1. Here are some things I think are going well in this course—let’s keep doing them:
  2. Here are some suggestions and recommendations for the remainder of the semester:
  3. Here are some personal reflections about my work on writing so far this semester:
  4. (Fall 2020) Here are some personal reflections about my work/life circumstances so far this semester:

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