Encourage FWS students to Become Writing Tutors at the CWC

The KNIGHTLYnews is an online forum where FWS instructors and other teachers of writing can swap and share ideas for best classroom practice. Weekly posts are designed to help teachers develop lesson plans and writing assignments, and respond to classroom challenges by introducing new teaching tools and sharing emerging pedagogical ideas. Posts also direct readers to program and campus resources that support teaching and learning, and provide opportunities for peer collaboration and mentorship.

As you wrap up your fall FWS, we hope that you will encourage any students who are strong writers and who have enjoyed the work of your FWS to apply to become a writing tutor. 

Spring tutor applications are due Friday, February 9th and more information on applying can be found here: Become a CWC Tutor

Share this link with the students you would encourage to apply or have a quick conversation with them after class.

We encourage students to apply to tutor if they have enjoyed: drafting, revising, workshopping writing with peers, and talking about writing.

Tutoring is an excellent campus job opportunity that fosters stronger writing development and knowledge about writing, leadership, and collaboration with students across campus.  

Encouraging a writer to apply to become a CWC tutor is also an opportunity to praise a student for their hard work and generative contributions to your course.   

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