Encourage Students to Visit the Writing Centers!

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As we approach the end of the semester, you are likely challenging students with more complex writing and even research projects, so I write today to ask for your continued support and promotion.

Specifically, please remind students of the following:

Writing Center tutors can support all writers, at any stage of the writing process, on any project. Students are encouraged to make an appointment to simply brainstorm assignments, talk-out ideas, understand feedback on their writing, and revise and refine drafts. Working with a tutor can be an especially productive way to get re-energized about a writing project or simply get started!

 The CWC loves walk-in appointments, but students can also make appointments by registering here: https://cornell.mywconline.net/


The Cornell Writing Centers locations and schedule are as follows:

3:00-5:00, M-Th

Rockefeller 178

Mann Library, Consultation Area


7:00-10:00, Sun-Th

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hall B06

Olin Library 403 

Uris Library 108



Thank you, in advance, for your continued support of the Cornell Writing Centers! We look forward to future conversations about writing with you and your students!

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