FWS Instructor Referral Deadline: February 4

At the beginning of each semester, my colleagues and I at the Writing Workshop – the Knight Institute’s home for writing support and services – ask for your help in identifying students who may have difficulty meeting the expectations of your First-Year Writing Seminar.

As advised in the Indispensable Reference for Teachers of First-Year Writing Seminars, you should assign, for submission during the second week of the semester, an analytic or argumentative essay of at least two pages (Follow this link for Guidelines for First Assignments). If you encounter any essays that seem particularly weak, you should contact me at the Writing Workshop so that we can discuss the many writing resources we offer.

Most urgently, we must try to identify those students who might need considerable individual attention and thus be candidates for WRIT 1370/80, “Elements of Academic Writing,” our alternate route FWS.

If you read an initial FWS essay that appears significantly different than the others, and you are concerned about a student’s ability to comfortably succeed in your FWS, please complete a FWS Essay Referral Form or contact me at tracyhcarrick@cornell.edu to submit the following materials:

Writing Workshop staff will review student essays and meet with students. Here are several potential outcomes:

  • TRANSFER TO WRIT 1370/80: Students may opt to move from your FWS to WRIT 1370/80.

  • REMAIN IN YOUR FWS: Students may opt to stay in your FWS, and work with tutors at the Cornell Writing Centers or in the Knight Writers Mentor Program.

  • DELAY FWS: Students may decide to wait a semester to make the necessary commitment to improving their writing.

Please do your best to send referrals by Friday, February 4, 2022 so that we can help students make adjustments to their schedules before the Open Enrollment period ends on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

Do not refer students directly to the Writing Workshop. Rather, send me the linked FWS Essay Referral Form, your writing assignment, and the student’s essay. I will contact students directly.

I thank you in advance for your assistance, and I look forward to the opportunity to work together this semester. 

Tracy Hamler Carrick

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