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Cornell Writes! Tips from our community of writers is a digital newsletter sponsored by the Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines and the Cornell University Graduate School. Each week, a member of our writing community – a Graduate Writing ServiceEnglish Language Support Office, or Cornell Writing Centers tutor; a writing specialist from the Knight Institute; a writing instructor from our First-Year Writing Seminars or Writing in the Majors programs; maybe YOU – will share a writing strategy from their own writer’s toolkit. 

Weekly tips are designed to help writers at all levels and across disciplines to become more comfortable with their drafting processes; to build concrete and flexible practices for using writing to explore, develop, and present ideas; and to connect writers, who may sometimes feel isolated or alone, to a community grounded in our shared investment in writing. Posts also direct readers to campus resources and online tools that support writing and learning, and sometimes provide opportunities for more direct peer collaboration and mentorship.


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