It's okay if you cannot write today.

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Meet Tracy Carrick

Hello Cornell writers! My name is Tracy Carrick. I am a teacher, tutor, and director of the Knight Institute’s Writing Workshop and Graduate Writing Service. I am also a writer and editor. I am currently not writing much.


Here is this week’s Writing Tip!

It’s okay if you cannot write today.

Whatever may be getting in the way…give it space and give yourself time.

Sit with it – reflect, maybe write. 

Tend to it – reach out, engage.

Or, disengage – clean out your mind with a walk or a talk, or clean out your backpack or desktop to make more space. 

Our burdens and those in the world sit heavy on our shoulders. Some days are heavier than others.

Care for yourself. Care for others. Care.

You are a writer. 

Make space. Make peace. 

Your writing will be there tomorrow.

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