Two Ways to Start Preparing for the End of the Fall Semester

FWS Course Evaluations

The Knight Institute will continue to administer electronic evaluations for all First-Year Writing Seminar classes. Please carefully read the information below as there are important dates and deadlines.

We strongly recommend that you schedule these evaluations to be performed as a group during a class session sometime on or after November 30. It is in your interest as an instructor to ensure as high a rate of compliance as possible.

  • Follow this link to see the Fall21 FWS Evaluation. Students will simply click checkboxes for the numerical questions and type their written responses to the narrative questions.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to have additional or different narrative questions for your evaluation, you must have that information to Amanda Munson (anm94) no later than 4pm on November 22. No changes can be made after this date. You may not change any of the numerical questions.
    • Students will be sent daily e-mails from November 30-December 10 reminding them to complete their evaluation and providing them with a link directly to the evaluations.
    • The survey is compatible with mobile phones as well as laptops and tablets.
    • Students who are absent on the day in question can log online later.
    • This form should be administered in all First-Year Writing Seminars.

Final Paper Due Dates

The Fall 2021 final exam schedule and final paper due dates have been posted and can be viewed at

Any FWS that appears on this list must have a paper, portfolio, final project, etc. due on the date and time assigned to your specific FWS section. Please be sure to check the list for your course's final due date.  You should not be requesting anything earlier than this date.

If your class does not appear on this list, that means you opted out of a final paper and you cannot assign anything to be due past the last day of class.

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